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A Short Fiction Program Built by Legends, for Legends

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to a realm where legends are reborn and tales are woven with the threads of magic and might. In the bustling landscape of digital storytelling, a thrilling resurgence is happening, one that harkens back to the golden age of pulp magazines. 

The Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program is more than just a collection of stories; it’s a revival of a spirit, a nod to a bygone era of storytelling that captivated the hearts of readers with every turn of the page.

Here, in the digital embrace of epub, we’re reigniting the flame of Robert E. Howard’s iconic creations, from the indomitable Conan to the myriad of other characters that sprung from his rich imagination.

So, grab your cloak and sword, and prepare to step into a world where every story is a doorway to adventure, mystery, and the untamed wilds of imagination. Welcome to the Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program – your next great adventure starts here.

It’s the Platform, Stupid

In the golden era of pulp magazines, a simple yet compelling formula captivated the hearts of readers: short, action-packed stories, easily accessible and bursting with adventure. These magazines, notably ones like Weird Tales, acted as gateways to astonishing worlds, where each turn of the page brought readers face-to-face with the extraordinary. It was here, among these vibrant pages, that Robert E. Howard’s creations first leapt into the collective imagination, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fantasy and adventure.

Fast forward to the present, and the spirit of these pulp magazines is being reignited, not on paper, but through the digital ether of epub. This modern incarnation is our homage to that bygone era, capturing the essence of what made those stories so enthralling. Epub, with its convenience and accessibility, mirrors the pulps’ ethos of bringing vibrant tales to a wide audience at an affordable price. It’s a type of platform where short, gripping stories are still the stars, but now they reach readers with the click of a button, bringing the magic of REH’s world into the digital age.

The Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program acts in the same way the pulp magazines did by showcasing a medley of authors from seasoned veterans to emerging talents, each breathing new life into the legendary characters of REH’s universe. This melting pot of perspectives transforms each release from a mere story into a riveting journey into realms of unbridled imagination.

It’s these new voices, infused with their unique experiences and insights, that are pivotal in catapulting the essence of sword and sorcery into unprecedented territories. 

The Wheel? Reinvent it? Nah…But what if…

The Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program thrives on a simple, yet profound ethos: true to Howard, true to heart. This philosophy is a celebration of authenticity, where the boundaries of Howard’s universe are respected, yet the narrative sky is vast and open for exploration.

In this new chapter of sword and sorcery, each author’s voice adds a distinct hue to the tapestry of tales. They are not mere custodians of Howard’s legacy but active contributors to its evolution. This approach ensures that every story is a unique gem, a fusion of reverence for the old and excitement for the new..

In this creative crucible, the possibilities are as vast as the imagination, offering readers not only a passage through the well-trodden paths of Howard’s realm but also excursions into realms yet to be charted. The Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program, a fusion of legacy and innovation, also opens the door to another exciting prospect: the creation of a community where the voices of fans resonate alongside the storytellers, weaving their insights and dreams into the evolving tapestry of this legendary universe.

It’s Yours

The Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program extends an invitation not just to readers but to creators as well. In the spirit of the pulps that birthed Howard’s legends, where many authors, including the likes of REH and HP Lovecraft, found their voice, this program is poised to become a fertile ground for new talent.

The program acknowledges the vibrant and creative fan community that has grown around Howard’s works. In this digital age, where community and collaboration thrive, the potential for fans to influence the direction of stories is an exciting prospect. 

Here, the line between fan and author would intriguingly blur. Fans, who have long been the backbone of Howard’s universe, now have a chance to contribute more actively. The idea of fanfic contests, a concept being thoughtfully considered, could open doors for fans to not only engage with their favorite tales but to become part of the legacy themselves.

Clearly, the Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program is helping evolve the beloved tradition of pulp fiction writing by creating a space where fans can transition from readers to contributors, where their voices and visions can help shape the future of Howard’s universe. This approach not only honors the spirit of the original pulps but also injects a fresh, participatory dynamic into the realm of sword and sorcery.

We New It

While the current focus of the Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program is on the rich legacy of characters like Conan, Belit, and Solomon Kane, the future holds tantalizing possibilities. Imagine stepping into uncharted territories within the REH universe, where new heroes and adventures await, all while preserving the essence of Howard’s original creations. This balance between the old and the new is a delicate dance, one that the program is poised to perform with grace and enthusiasm.

For those just embarking on their journey through Howard’s mythical landscapes, there’s an entire world to explore. Conan, the epitome of the sword-wielding barbarian, offers a perfect entry point. But the adventure doesn’t end there. The tales of Belit weave a narrative rich in seafaring lore, while Solomon Kane’s puritan resolve against evil provides a stark contrast to Conan’s brute force. El Borak’s swashbuckling escapades through the Middle East add yet another flavor to this diverse canon. Each character, each story, is a doorway to a different facet of Howard’s universe, offering something unique for every reader.

Looking to the horizon, the program’s vision is clear and ambitious. The aim is to revisit the well-trodden paths of Howard’s legacy, yes, but also to illuminate those lesser-known characters deserving of the spotlight. Figures like Kull, Dark Agnes, and Cormac Mac Art, each with their own rich backstories and potential, are poised to step into the limelight. 

Moreover, the program seeks to infuse even more fresh voices into this legendary realm. Imagine authors, unexpected or unheard of in the sword and sorcery genre, bringing new perspectives and making indelible marks to these timeless tales. This approach will ensure that the stories we treasure continue to evolve and resonate, keeping the flame of Howard’s legacy burning bright for years to come.

As we venture forth, the Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program stands as a beacon of both preservation and innovation. It’s a testament to the enduring power of Howard’s creations and a promise of new adventures on the horizon. The journey through this legendary universe is far from concluded, though. 

Be Legendary – Read an e-Book

But, ultimately, the Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program is more than just a collection of stories. It’s a community, a gathering of fans and creators alike, each contributing to the tapestry of this mythical universe. And you, as a reader and a fan, play a pivotal role in this ongoing saga. 

Now, the adventure beckons. By supporting the program, you’re not just buying a story; you’re fueling the fires of imagination and keeping the spirit of adventure alive. So, we invite you to join us in this thrilling endeavor. Explore the stories, share in the adventures, and become a part of the legend.

The Heroic Legends Short Fiction Program awaits. Are you ready to embark on your next great adventure?

Written by Heroic Signatures
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