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Conan the Barbarian®
A thief, a reaver, a slayer, and the world's greatest fantasy hero.
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Solomon Kane®
Wayward and restless as the wind, he is consistent in only one respect – he is true to his ideals of justice and right.
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Mutant Year Zero®
You are not quite human anymore.
Your bodies and minds are capable of superhuman feats. You are mutants.
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Kull of Atlantis®
Before Conan, there was Kull. Slave, pirate, gladiator, king.
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Contemporary horror where our world is unravelling to reveal a darker backdrop where nightmarish demons lurk.
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Dark Agnes®
Where other men and women would have succumbed to despair, Agnes thrives.
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Mutant Chronicles®
In a distant future, Earth has long since been depleted of natural resources and abandoned, and humanity has spread to Mars, Venus, and beyond.
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Heroic Signatures is a wholly owned subsidiary of Funcom. The company manages full rights to a wealth of intellectual properties, with all their rich worlds and legendary characters. These properties have spawned video games, movies, board games, comic books, and more. We are looking for partners to team up with who can bring exciting new entertainment products to market.

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