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Guess Who’s Back (Back Again?) The Nerds are Back (back, back). Tell a friend.

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Been a while, huh…wow, you look taller. 

During our hiatus, we took a brief pit stop, sharpened our blades, and dusted off our scrolls. 

Now? We’ve leveled up and we’re back with all the passion of a bard belting out a ballad. 

Seriously, ask anyone who knows us – we are geeking out HARD over what we’ve cooked up for you since we last spoke. 

And here’s the kicker: no more radio silence. You can expect regular updates, epic tales, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks from us, starting now.

So, ready to dive back in? We’re kicking things off with a fresh look at the world of one truly indomitable Cimmerian…

CONAN.COM is Back & Better Than Ever

So while we were away, we were on a bit of Hyborian Hiatus, if you will (please say you will) and, in the meantime, we’ve done something truly spectacular: we’ve revamped the Conan website, and oh boy, it’s shinier than a freshly polished broadsword!

Ever wanted to deep dive into the Hyborian Age without getting your feet wet? Now’s your chance! Our new site is like the ultimate Conan theme park, minus the long lines and overpriced turkey legs. Dive into lore that’s deeper than a wizard’s pocket, marvel at landscapes so stunning you’ll want to set up camp, and gawk at relics so astounding they’ll leave you shouting, “By Crom, I need that!”

But the true piece de resistance of this whole shebang? A humble tavern where every shadow holds a secret and every patron has a tale. 

Robots: Your Key to Navigating Familiar Yet Uncharted Paths

This isn’t just any tavern; it’s The Dusky Coil Inn, our AI-powered narrative realm. Here, the stories aren’t just told; they’re lived. Every choice you make, every alliance you forge, and every challenge you face will echo through the annals of the Hyborian Age.

Here, YOU are the protagonist, meaning your wit, your decisions, and, most importantly, your bravery shape the narrative. Want to charm an enchanting maiden, outwit a thief, or earn a nod from Conan himself? Try it out. The possibilities are as vast as the landscapes of Hyboria. But a word of advice? Don’t challenge him to an arm-wrestling match. Just… trust us on that one. Or don’t. You might die though (in game only, of course).

The product of months of hard work, this free AI-guided odyssey embodies our dedication to helping people experience legendary stories like they’ve never even imagined possible. It’s our love letter to every casual sword and sorcery fan, role-playing enthusiast, or storyteller who’s ever dreamt of carving their own path in a legendary world. We’re not just offering a game with the Dusky Coil Inn; we’re offering an experience, a chance to be part of a saga that’s as timeless as the tales of Conan themselves. 

Conan’s epic relaunch is just a glimpse of what happens when you let a bunch of storytelling nerds run wild with their imaginations. We’ve taken one of the most iconic tales and given it a modern twist, proving that when it comes to legendary stories, we’re the maestros you want at the helm. 

But don’t think for a second that we’re stopping at the Hyborian Age. Oh no, this is just the prologue. With countless realms and tales out there, who knows where our quills will take us next? So, whether you’re a sword-swinging barbarian or a spell-casting sorcerer, keep those eyes peeled and ears perked.

Because we’re just getting started, and trust us, you won’t want to miss what’s next.

Written by Heroic Signatures
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