Secret World

In the Secret World everything is true. Vampires stir in Transylvania, Draug rise from the sea around New England, the ancient pharaoh Akhenaten walks again in Egypt, a gigantic monster is tearing up Manhattan, and a terrible weapon has been unleashed in the subways of Tokyo – dark days are here.

A shadowy war of secret societies, like the Illuminati, the Dragon, and the Templars, is waged across the globe. Ancient stories, conspiracies, myths and legends come alive in the Secret World and a few people, chosen by the earth itself, awaken with wondrous powers to combat the rising darkness.

The earth is hollow, the Bogeyman is real, gods walk among us, the gates of hell have opened, werewolves prowl the forests, specters haunt the living, and dark voices, ancient beyond all reckoning, whisper promises of power in your dreams. In the Secret World, mysteries are endless


Dark Agnes

Francis Gordon “El Borak”


James Allison

Bran Mak Morn

Sailor Steve Costigan


Anarchy Online

Metal Hellsinger

Other REH Heroes