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The next installment in Heroic Signatures’ odyssey: a new brand 

Heroic Signatures

A new dawn breaks at Heroic Signatures! The unveiling of our revitalized website marks an official reveal of our new brand, and a pivotal moment in the company’s illustrious history of discovering new ways to craft better, more captivating stories. 

A Step Forward in Our Storied Journey

The decision to breathe new life into Heroic Signatures’ identity was born out of a desire to mirror our organization’s spirit and culture. But this  is so much more than just a fresh coat of paint: it’s a beacon, heralding a new era of storytelling. It’s a promise that if one of our stories resonates with our global audience, others under our banner will as well.

This evolution is by no means sudden but is simply another step in our storied journey that began with our humble beginnings as Target Games in the ’80s. The new brand and websites are testaments to this journey, marking a new era of growth and innovation,  fueled by increased resources and support from our parent company, Funcom.

Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future

Rest assured, this growth doesn’t mean leaving behind the beloved worlds and characters that Heroic Signatures is known for. If anything, it promises more: more comics, more games, more movies, more stories across more mediums that excite and tantalize our audience’s imaginations more than they thought possible. Our new website, especially, is a visual dedication to this commitment, offering a platform for audiences to get swept away by the stories they hold dear from wherever they are. 

This new phase is not just an exciting time for Heroic Signatures, but also an opportunity for fans and partners. With our rebrand complete, Heroic Signatures is eager to foster a closer relationship with fans and partners by keeping them in the loop about all the exciting developments with their favorite IPs. Put plainly: we are ready – no, thrilled, no can-barely-hold-it-in-ecstatic – to collaborate with partners who want to help tell stories with us. 

Suit Up and Join the Adventure

As this new chapter in the Heroic Signatures saga begins, we invite you to click around, explore our new digital digs, and check out our latest posts on our social media platforms.Together, we’ll explore new worlds, create unforgettable experiences, and redefine what a good story looks like. 

The future of sci-fi and fantasy is here, folks, and this is just the beginning.

Written by Heroic Signatures
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