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Why Conan: Exiles Just Keeps Wowing Fans

Welcome, brave travelers, to a journey through the heart of an enduring saga: “Conan: Exiles”. 

In this special exploration, we at Heroic Signatures delve into what has fueled the undying success of this extraordinary game for over half a decade now. 

From the mystical lands shaped by Robert E. Howard’s imagination to the latest thrills of 2023, join us as we unravel the tapestry of a game that continues to captivate, challenge, and inspire players from across the globe. 

The Underlying Inspiration

In the realm of “Conan Exiles,” survival is just the beginning of a much grander journey. Lead Designer Dennis Douthett encapsulates it perfectly: “The foundation laid by Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories gave us so much compelling material to build the world of Conan Exiles upon.” Meaning: this is no mere game; it’s a third-person plunge into a world rich with lore, where every player carves their unique path to glory.

In “Conan Exiles,” you find yourself in a land that begs for exploration and conquest, where every terrain is a dynamic backdrop for the newest chapter in your saga. Here, you don’t just face the wild; you tame it by building opulent cities, recruiting formidable armies, and forging an empire that will help you thrive in an unyielding terrain. 

But what we think makes this journey truly exhilarating is the camaraderie. Whether you’re battling side by side with a friend or leading your clan in a daring raid, it’s the shared triumphs that make the victories sweeter and the defeats more bearable. Together, you’ll face mysteries, challenge world bosses, and maybe even cross paths with Conan himself.

In this ever-evolving world, Conan Exiles demands that your strategy, courage, and will work in tandem to define your legacy. Step into this realm of ancient mysteries and bold conquests, where the very fabric of the world has transformed as magnificently as the tales of those who journey through it. 

The Meat and Potatoes…and Landscapes, and Combat, and…

Since its launch in 2017, “Conan Exiles” has been on an incredible journey of growth and expansion, bringing to life the brutal world of the Hyborian Age. Each step in this journey has added layers of depth and excitement to the game, crafting an experience that is rich, immersive, and genuinely breathtaking. 

For one, the enhanced graphics and effects developed by Funcom bring the world of “Conan Exiles” to life with stunning detail, making every sunrise and sunset, every blade of grass, and every ripple of water a piece of a grand, living tapestry.

This, of course, helps the fact that the literal world of “Conan Exiles” has grown immensely in scale and diversity, with new territories like the treacherous North, enigmatic swamps, and fiery volcanoes. These lands are not just expansions of the map; they are sprawling new realms of adventure, each with its own unique challenges and mysteries to unravel. 

These sweeping and jaw-dropping settings are underscored by a miasma of dungeons, such as The Dregs, Midnight Grove, The Sunken City, and The Black Keep. Each dungeon is as intricate and dynamic as the landscape itself, where bravery is tested and rewards await the bold. 

To add to the game’s immersion, cultural richness was also elevated with the addition of 11 culture DLCs. With the addition of each DLC, players got a glimpse into different cosmetic  aspects of the Earth’s various civilizations, from the regal architecture of Argos to armors in the majestic styles of Khitai, players could now appreciate visual splendor of each civilization in a whole new way. .

The introduction of mounts and pets has also added a fun, dynamic new layer to exploration and combat. Players can now ride into battle or travel across the vast landscapes on horses, rhinos, and camels. Pets, from the loyal to the ferocious, can be captured and trained, becoming faithful companions or fierce protectors of one’s domain.

Combat in “Conan Exiles” has been thoroughly revamped and improved throughout the years, offering a more engaging and diverse fighting experience. With unique combos for every weapon, battles are now more thrilling and strategic. The introduction of the climbing system opened up new possibilities for the most daring players who sought to be on top – literally. Additionally, the continual refinement of the building system has slowly turned the construction process – a key cornerstone of the game – into a progressively more intuitive and rewarding process.

To us, it’s obvious that with each update and expansion unveiled by Funcom, “Conan Exiles” has not only transformed its world and gameplay but also deepened the connection between the game and its players, where players move past participation and into co-creation. 

The Exiles Themselves (That’s You)

The essence of “Conan Exiles” has always been the vibrant pulse of its community. Players have become the architects of legendary tales, shaping the world of the Hyborian Age in ways more profound than Funcom could have ever imagined.

Take the tale of the Angry Mountain Goat, for instance. What began as a regular goat NPC in the game morphed into an unexpected mini-boss, all thanks to the creative input of a dedicated player. This player, engaged in building their own version of Sovngarde, found themselves repeatedly challenged by a persistent goat. This encounter, initially a simple quirk of the game, evolved into a legendary story within the community, transforming the goat into a named character complete with its unique lore. The Angry Mountain Goat now stands as a testament to the influence players wield in the world of “Conan Exiles,” waiting on its mountain to challenge other adventurers.

The game’s modding community further illustrates this creative partnership. Mods like The Age Calamitous and Savage Wilds have expanded the game’s universe, offering fresh new content and experiences crafted by the players themselves. With mods focusing on everything from quality-of-life improvements like Pickup+ and Better Thralls to character customization options in Emberlight and Barbarian Barber, the community’s creativity knows no bounds. 

The players of “Conan Exiles” have also taken to crafting their own narratives within the game’s universe. Drawing from the rich cultural tapestry provided by the DLCs, players have built magnificent structures that rise beyond mere buildings and have become direct homages to the diverse cultures from Robert E. Howard’s world. From opulent Turanian palaces brimming with treasures to mighty Nemedian fortresses replete with traps and secret doors, these constructions proudly stand as stories carved in stone and wood, each telling tales of conquest, survival, and glory.

These contributions craft a world that is continually shaped and reshaped by those who journey through it, providing invaluable insights that guide us in balancing and enhancing the Exiled Lands for every adventurer, from battle-hardened veterans to newcomers stepping into this vast world for the first time.

The Consistent Back and Forth Between the Community and Funcom

At the heart of “Conan Exiles” lies a fundamental truth: the players’ voices resonate through every canyon and battlefield of the Hyborian Age. This ethos has shaped our approach to game development, ensuring that player feedback actively shapes the world of they play, plunder, and pillage in. 

A prime example of Funcom’s player-centric approach is the transformative journey of the Isle of Siptah expansion. Based on player insights during our Early Access launch, Funcom overhauled the island’s geography, making it more varied and intriguing to explore. Funcom also introduced new NPCs and lore elements, enriching the storyline and deepening the connection to the world. Additionally, their development team fine-tuned the balance between survival elements and combat, ensuring a more gratifying and immersive experience. This constructive feedback was pivotal in morphing the Isle of Siptah from its original incarnation into a realm that truly embodied the aspirations and resonated with the community.

But Funcom’s commitment to listening goes beyond individual expansions. They understand the importance of balancing the game for all types of players, from those who have traversed the Exiled Lands since day one to those who have just embarked on their journey. Features like the improved Journey system are a testament to this balance, offering newer players guided experiences to learn various aspects of the game, from mastering the art of blacksmithing to delving into the arcane secrets of sorcery.

For veteran players, Funcom is also continually introducing challenging end-game content that tests their mettle and strategies. The Siege of the Stygian fortress, for instance, provides a grueling yet rewarding challenge, calling for seasoned players to employ their most advanced tactics and gear. This content ensures that even the most experienced warriors have new mountains to conquer and legends to mold.

In “Conan Exiles,” every voice matters, every suggestion has the potential to shape the future. It’s a world that evolves not just through our shared vision with Funcom as developers but through the vibrant, ongoing dialogue with our players. This partnership, this dance between player feedback and game development, is what keeps the heart of “Conan Exiles” beating strong, ensuring that the journey through this treacherous world is as thrilling and fulfilling as it can be.

The Continual Additions of New DLC for Conan: Exiles 

2023 in the world of “Conan Exiles” brought an array of exhilarating updates and new adventures. The Age of Sorcery concluded, leaving behind a legacy of mysticism and arcane mastery, where players harnessed the power of sorcery to shape their destinies. This era of enchantment introduced a new dimension to the game, challenging exiles to adapt and thrive in a world infused with sorcerial forces.

Following the mystic trails of the Age of Sorcery, the Age of War emerged, steering the focus towards strategy and conflict. In this new era, players find themselves at the heart of intense battles and strategic confrontations, where alliances and tactical acumen are key to survival. The Age of War transforms the landscape into a dynamic battlefield, where every decision can tip the scales of power.

As the Age of War reaches its zenith, players can anticipate an epic finale that introduces new ways to engage in combat, including the visceral fatalities, adding depth and intensity to the battlefield. Beyond this climactic end, the horizon of “Conan Exiles” is lined with promising new Ages and themes. These upcoming chapters are set to expand the game’s universe even further, offering new stories, challenges, and experiences.

Each update and new Age in “Conan Exiles” reflects a commitment to an ever-evolving and dynamic world. A world that grows and thrives on the creativity and passion of its players. Looking forward, Funcom eagerly anticipates unveiling new realms of adventure, continuing to craft a game that embodies the spirit of Robert E. Howard’s creation and the essence of exploration, conquest, and epic sagas that define “Conan Exiles.”

As we journey through the vast and ever-changing landscapes of “Conan Exiles,” it’s clear that the lasting appeal of this world lies in the hands of those who traverse it. Each player, each clan, each solitary wanderer carries with them stories of triumph, tales of defeat, and dreams of conquest, weaving them into the very fabric of the Hyborian Age.

As we stand at the cusp of new adventures and unexplored territories, we extend a call to all exiles: continue to share your stories, your experiences, and your feedback. Let your voices be heard in the forums, in the community, and in every corner of the game. Your insights and tales not only enrich the experience for all but also guide us in crafting a world that resonates with each of you.

The world of “Conan Exiles” is vast, wild, and ever-waiting for your next adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new exile, there’s always something new to discover, a new challenge to overcome, and a new story to tell. 

And now, with the dawn of Age of War – Chapter 3, these lands are ripe with even more mysteries to unravel and battles to be won.

Step into this new era where war evolves, alliances shift, and your mettle as a warrior is tested like never before.

Are you ready to face the new challenges that await in the Age of War – Chapter 3? Dive into our in-depth article and discover how the chapters of Age Of War have changed this treacherous land – forever.

Written by Heroic Signatures
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